Happy Earth Day: We (and Baker Creek) have free seeds for you!

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Happy Earth Day!

Let’s celebrate by planting our iconic Lemon Queen Sunflowers. We are delighted to announce that Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has donated Lemon Queen Sunflower seeds for us to give to you so that we can get Sunflower data from everyone! We are planning to start sending free seeds each year to people who have contributed data the previous year. This year we have them for everyone on our current list.

To mail these out, we need your mailing address. Please login to your account and add your mailing address by clicking on the Edit tab and then scroll down to where it says mailing address.

We are planning to start shipping this next week so, please do it today! We’d love help with mailing costs if you would like to contribute. Happy planting!

And don't forget, we’d also like to get counts from any and all other plants that you have in your yard. I’ve been doing counts from the California poppies at my local coffee shop. They are not attracting many bees to my great surprise.

The Queen Bee