Great Pollinator Habitat Challenge

Imagine what would happen if every home, school, playground, senior center and park around the world, took one day each year to evaluate and improve the pollinator habitat at their site.  Together, we could easily create hundreds of thousands of patches of pollinator friendly habitat.

large_weeding by Crystal Raner.jpglarge_planting a garden US Navy.jpg

It just takes three steps:

Take the Habitat assessment and make a plan to improve your pollinator habitat.

Take action on your plan and create better habitat.

Take a child or school group for a walk in the garden; have them interview you about pollinator habitat. Find a pollinator gardening or pollinator expert and invite him/her to lead an outing.  Photograph or draw as many pollinators as possible, id them using discover life’s keys or our pollinator guide.  Learn to identify 5 new pollinators. Recruit an artist to create a film, mural, or mosaic to celebrate people’s connections with pollinators, to build a new water element for the garden or to jury an exhibition of children’s drawings of pollinators at the local library. Hold a concert in the garden celebrating the sounds of nature. Find a local senior center, school garden or public garden and do a pollinator habitat assessment and help them develop a plan for implementing improvements the following year.