Bee-ball cards

As a thanks for contributing data and to help you learn more from your counts in the future, We have created a great set of cards to use for identifying genera of bees. You can download them by clicking here. You can then print them out on a color printer, cut each page in half and glue the two sides together to create a set for learning your genera of native bees. We will make these available for purchase this spring if you don't want to print them yourself. They take awhile to download so go do a count! They'll be ready when you return.

Here is an example of what they look like. These are the first two. There are symbols to indicate the season, whether the bee is a generalist or specialist and one of the key things we use for identification, the number of submarignal cells in the wing. Noel Pugh gave us permission to use his wonderful drawings from our book as did a group of wonderful photographers. You'll find them listed on the second page when you download them.

And, thank you again.