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We have several different ways for you to see the data we have collected together. These data are from the Lemon Queen sunflower counts.

First, here is a MAP of POLLINATOR SERVICE. These maps show the areas of the country that are doing well and poorly for pollination service. The data here are modified from the original values to take into account the seasonality of pollination service and how it varies from region to region. We do this by using regional estimates of the expected pollination service for different regions.

The expected pollination service by region is calculated by aggregating counts from all the locations in a region to accurately calculate when the peaks and lows are in visitation rate. Here are the Northeast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest POLLINATION SERVICE CURVES.

We also have looked at YEAR TO YEAR VARIATION IN POLLLINATION. These data are not corrected for seasonality. We are seeing lower than expected values for 2016 and are looking for other data sources to confirm this.