Data Use Policy

The Great Sunflower Project believes that data should be shared whenever possible taking into consideration the tradeoffs among distributing data, ensuring the data quality and validity, and protecting the privacy rights of land owners.

Because of the work that goes in to collecting and verifying the data, publication of descriptive or interpretive results derived from the data is the privilege and responsibility of the investigators who collect the data. This is one of the primary motivations for scientific data collection, and the scientific method is supported by this principle.

The Great Sunflower Project recognizes and applauds that these data can be used for many purposes, either on their own or through combination with other data to that end, we would like to see our date used. However, any researcher making substantial use of these data must communicate with the Great Sunflower Project prior to publication. In most cases, these researchers should anticipate that someone from the Great Sunflower Project would be co-authors of published results.

If you would like to use the data, please contact Gretchen LeBuhn at